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Texture alignment/ distorting textures
Texture alignment/ distorting textures

[Image: htgolg.png]

This tutorial is about how to distort/skew textures in Hammer. This can be usefull if you have left/right textures (example picture below) for your ramps but can't fit them on clipped or vertex-manipualted ramps. Some of you might already know this method, but it took me quite long to find this out and i didn't find anything similar in the tutorials section.

[Image: 116m9nt.png]

Step 1

Create your ramp like you would normally do. In this example I clipped the start and the ending of my ramp at a 45° angle, but this technique will work for any angle.

[Image: vd1npu.png]

Step 2

Select the camera tool by pressing Shift+C or by clicking the camera icon on the left side. Place a new camera directly above the start of your ramp straight down by leftclicking in one of the viewports. This should look like this:

[Image: 2qlhcf5.png]

Step 3

Next select the texture application by pressing Shift+A. Under Mode select "Align to View" and browse for the texture you want to apply.

[Image: 10p8xkz.png]

Leftclicking aligns the current texture to your view and rightclicking applys the texture to the face. This means you always have to click twice per face. You can now texture the whole ramp, but be carefull not to change the camera angle in the 3d-viewport. If you're having trouble with smaller faces just make the 3d-viewport bigger.

[Image: 34ewbi0.png]

Step 4

For the end of the ramp just put the camera at a 45° angle over the ramp and align the texture the same way.

[Image: 2ebr86c.png]

Textures that are rotated wrong can be rotated easily with the face edit sheet.

[Image: a1o1ua.png]

Step 5

Almost done. Another good thing about this technique is, that the textures are on scale. Scale it the way you want, I'm using .75 on x and .5 on y. Justify it to the top/bottom and the ending and start faces to left/right.

[Image: ng1t01.png]

Hopefully some of you can use this or find this somehow usefull. Smile
how the fuck did I never see the giant "align to view" button in the texture window this changes everything i love you

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