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Can't seem to make non-glitching ramps anymore, with no apparent reason
Hey guys,

so after 3 years I decided to come back to surf mapping, try and make something.
The thing is, since I came back my ramps always glitch for no reason. I tried every method, the vertex one, alt drag (which is the one i used for all my maps and it worked fine), but the ramps always end up sticking if you surf it at the bottom.

The catch is that 2 of  my ramps i made using the same methods as all the others work, and don't stick when i surf them at the very bottom.
I am utterly confused by this and its very frustrating to not be able to make a decent ramp anymore when you have in the past made very satisfying and smooth surf ramps..

I already checked in questions and tutorials, so please don't tell me to go there..

I've tried different size of ramps and different rotation degrees, without any success.

Thanks for your help in advance,

upload some pics from hammer, might give us a clue as to what is wrong Smile
[Image: doak5WZ.png]
So basically here are 3 ramps i made in the map. I used the same basis for those ramps, 768x448x128, with cuts of  32 units on top and edges ( actually I think its the same as your ramps in sexyartz, which is kinda the map which made me wanna start mapping back then :p)

1)  [Image: 2KX0YTN.png]

The first one, rotated by 3 for each segment and done by aligning the bottom edges with alt + drag . its cut in half but both sides work perfectly with no stickies when you surf the very bottom of the ramp.

2) [Image: QedT9V0.png]

Second one, this one is not cut in half as you can see in the picture and works perfectly with no stickies at the bottom. I rotated of 5 degrees i believe, or maybe 3. Also made with alt+drag

3)  [Image: 0OPAtiC.png]

full ramp, with 2 degrees rotation, stickies at the bottom this time. Also made with alt+ drag.
I already tried using a bigger degree rotation, still had glitchy ramp bottoms. But those first two ramps work even tho i made them the same way..
I also tried remaking the ramp a few times, in case i fucked up the alt+ drag,still didnt work.

Thanks for taking your time for my kinda stupid question, i just can't figure out the answer despite my experience with surf mapping !


This is strange.. Can't seem to figure it out either. A tip though; those cut edges on the bottom are really killing you when it comes to percentages, and they serve no purpouse other than looks, so unless you really want them; you should get rid of them.. might fix your problem too, seeing as now you're aligning to the bottom of the "square" under the ramp, rather than the actual edge of the surfable part.
[Image: doak5WZ.png]
If you align it first and THEN cut off the bottom you shouldnt ever have any glitches
Thanks for both of your answers, I will try them and keep you updated! 
Ok so it still glitches at the very bottom of the ramp despite not using side cuts, im on the verge of making sinister 3 since i cant make smooth ramps anymore, Kappa
Could it be the result of a corrupted vmf ? i just tried to make a new vmf, save it in another folder and i made a ramp using the check'em way ( see in tutorials section of ss) and it has no sticky at the bottom i believe, i surfed it like 10 times in a row with no stickies

Now thatI think about it  I remember a few years ago my brushes were doing some bullshit nonsense, i copy pasted my map in another vmf and it solved the problems..

Case closed i guess ?

[Image: 617.gif]

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