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Surf and Theme by Skittl35,
[size=8pt]finished by me.

Please report any mayor issues.[/size]

Screenshots :

Video :



Sadly cant get the csgo port to display particles, so its scratched for now. sorry.
A note to everyone: CS:S version is botched at the moment, I've messaged NexXT about it, hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

I must be a fool, because it's working fine now.  Sorry about that NexXT.
The CSS version runs singleplayer, it also ran on my own dedicated server, so its not botched. Playtest on the ksf testserver has been requested.
Looks pretty decent, although the purple is overwhelming. I think this could really benefit from a retexture. Not necessarily changing the entire texture scheme, but adding some contrasts to the purple so it's not everywhere. Surf looks pretty good as well, and I do like the ending with the big reactor room.
[Image: doak5WZ.png]
Looks nice. the whole purple thing you got going is not really my cup of tea but i think the surf is good. that part at the end where you can see the 'reactor room' through a window before entering is really cool.
Surfing states of the elder men

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