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first half of the map, still need to enclose the rest, model ramps, put details and proper lighting.
idk, maybe edge2  Huh

ramp design close-up 
[Image: xulbC0R.png]
Are those model-ramps modular? In which case it's pretty damn cool Smile I remember trying an early version of this and it was very fun, so keep up the work Smile
[Image: 7ObQBxg.jpg]
yup, I can put them together in pretty much any shape and form.

[Image: s7MyFOK.png]
Cool, but I was wondering if the actual propper models can be put together in modular form? Or do you have to put the modules together in brush-form and then convert the entire ramp into one propper-model? If you could use the prefabbed models it would be really good
[Image: 7ObQBxg.jpg]
Those ramps look real nice

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