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The change in surf
I've been experiencing some nostalgia lately, watching through videos of old maps and such and reminiscing back to the days when I was 13 (!!) and spent every available hour playing counter strike, learning to surf. I can't help but to compare surfing in those early days to what surfing has become now. Obviously css is an old game by now, newer more flashy games have come and gone since the glory days of CSS, however I find myself coming back to surf every now and again, and I'll watch a youtube-video of some surfing if it pops up in my youtube-feed. I am however a tad sad at the thought of how surfing has changed, in my opinion for the worse. Surfing; as it was in the beginning, was very clearly a mod. Maps weren't polished 1000-hour creations that would challenge the patience of the very best surfers out there. It was a fun place where people who wanted a break from the competitive de_ and cs_ modes could take a break. Fly around and explore easter eggs, look at the crazy textures and shapes that people put in. Now on the other hand, most maps are concrete and metal behemoths that demands hours and hours of meticulous trial and error to even get past the first few levels. Everything feels pretty much the same, practically joyless. It no longer feels like a mod, pretty much. And that's a shame, because while the maps now are optimized and no doubt *better creations*, they don't have the same feeling of creativity, joy of creation and fun as they used to. The closest comparison I can think of is that old surf is MarioKart, new surf is something like Asseto Corsa. Mario Kart captures everyone, and everyone always has a lot of fun playing Mario Kart, only the Diehard-tryhards really enjoy Asseto Corsa. 

Just my 2cents
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